Laser dentistry in San Francisco & Glendale, CA

Laser dentistry in San Francisco & Glendale, CA

Laser dentistry is a type of dental care that uses lasers to treat soft tissues and hard tissues inside the mouth. Hard tissue refers to enamel, dentine, and bone, while soft tissues refer to gums, lips, skin, cheeks, tongue, and palate. Using a dental laser enables the dentist to treat oral health problems in a way that is both more precise and less invasive than traditional methods.

Dental lasers can be used to reshape gum tissue, remove overgrown gum pockets, remove diseased or infected oral tissue in a process called gingivectomy, and treat cold sores around your mouth. Laser dentistry can also treat cavities by killing bacteria in tooth cavities before the filling procedure begins. In some cases, the dental laser is used alongside traditional techniques.

A dental laser works by delivering light energy at wavelengths that can selectively target certain cells in the mouth without damaging healthy cells around them. The dental laser can also be used to make incisions inside your gums to help shape them during gum disease treatment, as well as to kill bacteria and sterilize the affected areas.

Common Laser Dentistry Procedures

Laser dentistry uses a laser instead of a drill or scalpel to perform many dental procedures, including:

  • Correct gummy smiles
  • Enhance the look of teeth with stains
  • Remove tooth decay
  • Whiten yellowed or darkened teeth
  • Smooth rough tooth edges
  • Straighten crooked teeth

A dental laser works by delivering energy in the form of light. Different types of dental lasers are used to correct dental problems. For example, a soft tissue laser can treat gum disease, and a dental hard tissue laser can treat tooth decay or remove restorative materials.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is precise and can remove gum tissue precisely while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. 

There are many advantages that laser dentistry has over other treatments. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Minimized discomfort
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Fewer postoperative symptoms

What Are the Different Types of Lasers Used in Dentistry?

There are several different types of lasers:

  • Diode lasers: Ideal for soft-tissue procedures, such as treatment of gums and filling cavities.
  • Nd: YAG lasers: Used for hard-tissue treatments, such as repairing jaw fractures and reshaping gums.
  • Carbon dioxide lasers: Used for hard-tissue treatments, such as gingivectomies.

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