Our dental office in San Francisco and Glendale, California, offers a comfortable, relaxed environment where you can look forward to your dental appointment instead of dreading it.

“When I first met Dr. Karamyan, I had the typical viewpoint of a dentist visit. I hated going to the dentist. From the time I was a child, when I first learned to be afraid of the dentist, I have had a hard time dragging myself to the dentist. All that changed when I first met Dr. Karamyan. I had waited too long to have a tooth worked on and had to have it extracted. Dr. Karamyan handled it as smoothly as I could possibly imagine it could be done. There was almost no pain or discomfort and it healed right away. This really helped me to let go of my childhood conceptions that a dentist is always a painful place to visit. With Dr Karamyan’s incredible light touch approach to dentistry, I found myself much more willing to go to the dentist and take good care of my teeth. Since that time 6 years ago, when I was first worked on by Dr. Karamyan, I have lost no other teeth and go to the dentist regularly. He changed me from someone who dreads the dentist to someone (can you believe it?) who looks forward to going to the dentist.”

The preceding testimonial is typical of the responses we get from our patients and, with the advances in dental technology, things have gotten even better. With our state-of-the-art facility and Dr. Karamyan’s and Dr. Abramyan’s ever so gentle hands, you’re going to find your next dental treatment an actual “treat” and a pleasant surprise.

We want to make every one of our patients this happy with their visits to our office. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful dental office.

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